7 Figures In Buying Power – The Playbook


Financial literacy is an essential part of personal development, and key for anyone endeavoring to increase their quality of life.

For this reason The Mind Plug Academy has added credit structuring and personal financing to our services. We understand that it is difficult for people to focus on improving their mental processes when their finances are insufficient.

Shaquille “Shaqq” Shark, a Mind Plug Academy alumnus, along with TMPA founder Cavario “The Mind Plug” H. has created a free, quick and effective guide entitled, “7 Figures In Buying Power – The Playbook” in order to assist participants in expediting their knowledge so that they may achieve the lifestyle that they desire.

Schedule your $40 /50 minute financial consultation with Cavario H. and recieve a complimentary copy of the 7 Figures In Buying Power book.

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