About Mind Plug Academy

What is TMPA

Leveraging real-world experience, unique perspectives and the ability to convey through honest, thoughtful and relatable expression, The Mindplug Academy serves as an educational platform designed to engage society’s underrepresented. The 16-week psycho-social competencies program called SKILZ is delivered by Cavario H. “The Mind Plug”.

How It Began

The Mind Plug Academy evolved from the amalgamation of Cavario’s expanded experiences and passionate self-study of psychology and human behaviors. During his years as a renowned street figure and later as the Co-founder of DonDiva magazine, Cavario often found himself mentoring and coaching societies underclass to reflect on aspects of themselves they had never explored before.

Paying close attention to the psycho-emotional states of those whom he encountered, Cavario recognized that there was a general lack of awareness in his community of the necessity for intrapersonal and interpersonal skills; this includes: self-awareness, critical thinking, and empathy.

What value does TMPA offer

The Mind Plug Academy offers participants an opportunity to understand aspects of the mind, the subconscious, the brain’s operations, and a method to consistently apply a more critical process using TMPA SKILZ:

• Exercising pro SOCIAL behaviors
• Valuing the acquisition of KNOWLEDGE
• Building character and reputation through unwavering INTEGRITY
• Continually growing through adapting the practice of lifelong LEARNING
• Exercising a ZEAL for life

How can TMPA help

The Mind Plug Academy helps by exposing participants to the mental obstacles that impede on their peace, and pursuit of happiness.
The SKILZ comprehensive, curriculum based, pro-social program is designed to support participants in developing ways to overcome obstacles created by themselves and society.

The dual-module curriculum assists students with delving into their “Power Within” (intrapersonal skills) and their “Community Influence” (interpersonal skills).

Neuroscientists have quantified that the subconscious mind is responsible for 96-98% of what modern homosapiens actually do; The Mind Plug Academy will help participants familiarize themselves with this fact. Those who partake will learn how the subconscious works, which will afford them a greater amount of control in their lives.

It’s like finally finding the steering wheel of a car that you’ve been attempting to drive all of your life. The Mind Plug Academy encourages participants to think critically so that they may live wonderfully.

Listen to 50 Critical Quotes by Cavario H on Audible HERE.