I’ve learned tons of valuable lessons from Cavario. He helped me zoom out and see things differently. I highly recommend the mind plug to anyone that wants to become a better version of themselves.

Bird’s Eye View Productions

I wanna thank God that I met the Mind Plug. This man possess the qualities and skills, that should be utilize by everyone. I would advise anyone I mean anyone. Man, women or child to talk with him. I will bet that you’ll be walking away amazed and informed.


I have been a student of the Mind Plug Academy for years. I have been changed for the better by the teachings from it. Would highly recommend for others.


Qualified. Verified. And certified. Criteria of which we rate reality. Cavario's insights helped me to improve process.


Super insightful and invaluable. Life-changing information.


When I decided to explore personal growth & development, I sought out numerous courses and literature, with not much help. The Mind Plug Academy was a game changer, it’s in a class all it’s own, truly a shining star in the personal growth and development category!

Woolery Capital

Mr. Mind Plug himself is one of the most impactful persons in my life & the entertainment culture that I have ever came across. Besides my mother and father it’s not many times you see a black man or just a man in general, that’s willing to take his time out to influence and educate our people. I personally believe he’s underrated and needs his own movie. I am so honored and grateful to have personally been touched by this man. We wish you nothing but great things health wealth prosperity longevity for himself and his family.


I have been engaging with the Mind Plug academy for 6 months now and I feel more assure and confident than I ever have before I would recommend to anyone.


I recommend this mentorship of wisdom, knowledge and critical thinking school to any young man that seeks infinite guidance to become the best version of themselves that they might not even know they can be. Cavario has been my mentor for years but also family to me (big brother) he may not always say what I “want” to hear but always tells me what I “Need” to hear to help instill the best wisdom for my situation. One of the smartest brothers I ever met and best mentor I could’ve ever asked for.


Over 25 years I came in contact with at the time I’ve knew him as “Bopp The Hustler” but as time change I got to know him more personally as Cavario. His knowledge and wisdom had blessed me with different life decisions from health and management of wealth. He is a man that will give to you straight with no sugar coating. If you have a heart to receive HELP give The Mind Plug Academy a chance.


The amount of knowledge I receive from Cavario always amazes me no matter the topic or the seriousness of the situation he always keeps a mind. He has taught me to handle events in life this way and it has been one of the most valuable lessons I’ve learned in life.