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In the winter of 1999 Cavario H. co-founded Don Diva magazine, which under his influence came to be known across the country as “The Original Street Bible.” Serving as its Editor-At-Large and Head Writer (and personally distributing it) from it’s inception until his departure in late summer of 2006, Cavario was responsible for 65% to 100% of the written and visual content extending from issue #1 to #26 of the quarterly publication.

Cavario conducted exclusive interviews with major underworld bosses such as Larry Hoover and Black Mafia Family leader Big Meech, as well as the world’s hottest hip hop artists, from Kanye West, to Snoop Dogg, as well as rap and film star 50 Cent, whom Cavario was first to put on the cover of a national publication (DonDiva).

Using the pages of Don Diva, Cavario was personally able to deliver a variety of true crime stories including those of Detroit’s infamous crack pioneers The Chambers Brothers, Chicago’s Gangland “King of Kings” Larry Hoover, and Baltimore’s Super-Kingpin (and Cavario’s uncle) Melvin “Little Melvin” Williams, who was the inspiration for HBO’s hit series The WIRE. All of these subjects would later become major features on the BET television network’s, American Gangster series.

Cavario has had several appearances on major television and radio news networks, blogs, including Hip Hop Enquirer,, Court T.V. on Satellite radio, MSNBC’s FOX News and CNN during the investigation into the murder of a federal prosecutor in Maryland. Cavario has also made multiple appearances on BET’s Nightly News program, and was specifically requested by major news sources to provide insight during the federal probe into the dealings of the multi-platinum music label Murder Inc. Cavario has also been a guest on The Situation with Tucker Carlson and is regarded as an expert in the murky subculture of urban crime. Cavario has also been featured on well over 50 nationally distributed documentaries, including the 20th Anniversary of Scarface -Special Edition DVD.

Cavario’s leadership in the indie-pub genre established a readership upwards of a million people, and, with the help of his associate “Speedy” St. John, he launched Don Diva London, a British version of the magazine dedicated to the gamey streets of Brixton. The short-lived Don Diva London was awarded the honor of being London’s Best New Publication in 10-years (circa 2003/2004) and Cavario still enjoys a strong UK following.

In the summer of 2006 Cavario became founding Senior Editor of the best-selling Hip Hop Weekly Magazine, the first and only weekly formatted publication dedicated to the worldwide culture. Cavario retired from the magazine business in the summer of 2014 to focus on his book publishing and unique content producing company, Body of Power Media Group llc. Through BPMG, Cavario released his autobiographical diary, Raised By Wolves: Inside the Life & Mind of a Guerrilla Hustler. A critically acclaimed fan favorite that has garnered him an international following.

Cavario’s second release, Get SMART! -is a reality based political fiction piece that chronicles the rise to power of an obscure black Illinois senator named Calvin Smart, whom the MOB and the CIA conspire to put into the white, making him America’s first black president.

Cavario’s third novel, Old Gangsters & Young Guns: The True Tales of Two Worlds, is an anthology of some of the top stories he featured in his initial publication, DonDiva. The novel expounds on the stories of the most notorious underworld figures of the 20th. century, far beyond the pages of the magazine, and includes many never before seen sections and articles, providing greater insight into the minds and motives of the supreme predators featured in the book.

In addition to writing and publishing, Cavario, alternately known as “The Mind Plug,” serves as a  ‘Thought-Coach’, encouraging thousands to think critically.

Cavario recently began cultivating his controversial and informational new podcast, Dope&GAME, which can be viewed on his Cavario Online YouTube channel now!